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Benefits of Certification:

  •      Competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  •      Demand for sustainable products.
  •      Compliance with current legislation.
  •      Low cost of certification with high added value.
  •      Greater credibility to the company or cooperative.
  •      Risk management and corporate responsibility.
  •      Environmental efficiency and cost reduction.
  •      Corporate management to fight global warming.
  •      Strategic intelligence with a new model of production and business.

Cert ID is a company that started its operations at the end of 1999 in the world and in Brazil, with the first certification programme for non-GMO soy with Identity Preservation (IP). Since then, the company has continually grown and today it is recognized as the leader in its sector.

In Brazil Cert ID offers several Certification Programmes, including the ProTerra Certification, of social responsibility and environmental sustainability that evolved from the Basel Criteria for Responsible Soy; Cert ID Non-GMO Certification, which provides greater safety to the status of non-GM products; European Union Regulatory Compliance Certification for GMO Labelling, aimed to meet the respective regulations of the European Union; RTRS Certification, for responsible soy production and BONSUCRO Certification, a global initiative standard aimed at sustainable production of sugar cane and its products.